To My Fellow Anxiety Sufferers, Please Read This.

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2 min readFeb 5, 2023


I am writing this to remind myself, as an anxious person and people who might have been suffering anxiety for a long time, of something that may have been forgotten amid the constant worry and fear that comes with anxiety: We are amazing.

I want us to know that despite the daily challenges and difficulties, we are still here, fighting and persevering. That in itself is a remarkable accomplishment and something to be proud of.

I am constantly anxious over whatever is going on in my life, work, relationships, finances, and everything really. And I know how difficult it is. I burst into tears writing this article, remembering how crazy and how much I struggle with this anxiety. And I still am struggling.

For me, living with constant anxiety is highly challenging and exhausting. It can make daily tasks seem insurmountable and impact my overall quality of life. I struggled to finish my tasks and then got anxious about getting fired or underperforming at work.

I also often experience physical symptoms such as increased heart rate, sweating, shaking, and muscle tension. It leads me to negative self-talk, fear of judgment, and a sense of hopelessness. It is also difficult for me to enjoy activities or form close relationships, leading to feelings of isolation and loneliness, resulting in me running away from people who love me.

It’s really, really hard. And it is seriously exhausting. From blaming people who made me anxious, and getting frustrated when people didn’t understand my struggles to the point of hopelessness. It’s not rare for me to catch myself thinking about ending my life because anxiety also causes major depression.

This anxiety “rabbit hole” is very slippery; it got me trapped without even realizing it. It requires a high self-awareness, willingness, and a courageous mindset to get out of it.

So shout out to people with high courage, knowing how hard it is to get out of the “anxiety rabbit hole,” but do it anyway! Shout out to people who are continuously learning to educate themselves to gain insights and awareness of how to work on it. Shout out to people who fell into the trap but keep getting up tirelessly.

I also want to say that it can be easy to get lost in the chaos of anxious thoughts, but I want us to take a moment and focus on all the strengths and qualities that make us who we are. We have so much to offer the world, whether it’s our creativity, empathy, intelligence, or humor.

So, let’s hold our heads up high and be proud of all we are. And if anyone (including myself) ever needs a reminder of just how amazing you are, I hope my writing can cheer us up.

With love and support,
Take care until then,