All My Life

Most days pass by unnoticed and unremarkable
I didn’t know my life was becoming a series of forgotten day
Everything can change in a day
And what might be missing becomes so very clear

But the day I met you, I finally felt like I had a home
Because of you, I found someone in me that I would have never known
Someone that I would never have became
You somewhat found me

Thank you for showing me what home was
What living was
And for showing me that I could be great
I loved all of you with all I had
And for the first time in my life, I finally know that I was enough

Every morning I woke up, and I chose you, I chose us, I chose that
I’m glad we did that
We both know we did our best to make that happen
I didn’t know how much I could actually fall for someone until I met you
I was so much into it that I was sure I could do anything, we could do anything, and I wanted to do it all; together with you

I wish the reality was different
I wish we had more time together
But anyways, we made the best of what we could, which was more than enough
For me, at least.

Thank You.



Writing mostly for myself, sharing some of it with you :)

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